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Vortex and Konus optics?

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I have not personally used the Vortex optics but I have competed against many that do and I can say that their mid to high end lines are quality optics.  With that said, I would look at the 1-4's at a minimum and 1-6 would be better.  Look at the leupold VX-R Patrol 1-4 for an example.  Keep in mind that an AR in .223/5.56 is a medium range weapon that also does very well in CQB in the right configurations so don't limit yourself with a 1X optic (I have an Aimpoint T-1 that has turned into a very nice paperweight).  I have put pic rails on all my rifles and now only use 2 higher end optics that I switch between them.  A 1-4 VX-R Patrol and a 5-20 SWFA SS.  This gives me top notch glass every time I shoot.  I now regret the wasting of all the money that I have put into all the other optics I have bought over the years.

Go to  this is a great forum for all things in rifle optics.

I love Vortex!!! just wanted to say that...great optics for the price....but primary arms also has some really good offerings.

Vortex is good stuff, the reticles in their scopes are a little fine for me but that is personal preference. Instead of a red dot you might look at a 1-4 with a dot.  Like the vxr patrol by leupold. My aimpoint t1 rides in the safe now.

I found this after I bought it but this confirms my opinion.


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