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Honestly, I paid $3 for the bin, $1.50 for each candle, the flashlights and batteries came from the holiday bin at Home Depot and the matches were like $1 at the dollar store. I might even consider making another one with a small pack of those solar yard stick lights in there. I am pretty sure I spent less than $25 for the whole thing and that's not much to give me peace of mind that they at least had light to potty by, lol.

Pretty tough to beat an oil lamp as a prepper gift.  They come in so many shapes and sizes.  And even if I already have 6 of them, one more can't hurt.

I had a few extras of stuff for a GHB.  So I did one up for a friend and mailed it out.    He is starting to think about things that he took for granted before,  like a simple drive home from work.




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