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List of NO GUNS ALLOWED stores / businesses?

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Our local gun group has a running list and even a card to give to the manager/owner stating they have lost your business because they will not respect your 2nd amendment rights. One that sticks out is Buffalo Wild Wings. This may be just locally. I OC and no business I have gone to has ever said anything. If there is a sign, I don't go in, and don't go back, then tell others that carry, not to frequent those places. I in the thread to keep up in the posting, but also to come back. If anyone is in Indiana here is the site. You have to be a member (it's free), so I will try and find the info and be back. aka INGO

I try not to support any business that either posts "no guns allowed" signs or has a policy less than full support. Some of my lists include:

use this list:

or this:

here's another:

That should get you started.

found this

Searching my group threads, I can only find individual posts of when they were asked to leave or signs at local area establishments. At least in our area if there is a sign it holds no weight of law until they ask you to leave. Then if you refuse it is trespassing. I am not a lawyer, so take that as an opinion.

I know all starbucks as pro 2A.

A list is good to have so that you know what businesses that don't deserve your business.  But, when you need something you need something, so if I must, I frequent them anyway (with my CC).  Nobody knows when I carry so no harm no fowl.  I'll accept the consequences if I ever have to use my weapon in these establishments.  I would rather be alive with an arrest than dead.

second that. I do CC if I have to. While not posted at church, I do CC there. Sometimes the smaller CC is more comfortable if doing a lot of physical work/activity.


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