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List of NO GUNS ALLOWED stores / businesses?

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Did a search and couldn't find a list of stores / businesses that have no guns allowed posted on their doors.  Any one know where I could find such a list?  I really don't like having my head up my behind.  Went to Ikea today and didn't see the sign until I came out and then it hit me oh crap I think I remember something like that from some time ago.  Guess I wont go back. 

Course as usual I just couldn't help myself had to embarrass hubby.  How?  um basically I was asking where do we stand in line for our armed guards or protectors.  Because surely they wanted to keep customers safe.  So I just wanted to know the procedure.  I mean if I am not allowed to protect myself they who will protect me while I shop go to the bathroom and walk to my car?  Hey I just wanted to know.  Because I would be more than happy to protect my self.  Well they looked at me funny and said I will go find out for you I am not sure who it is.  I don't even think we offer that kind of protection service.  Well after talking to several people even security they said nope we only offer cameras and we can call the police.  Which of course I couldn't help myself.  "No no not prosecution help.  Protection as in preventive No? well I guess I can't shop here because I don't feel safe.  Will take my money else where"   Shoot I could feel hubby just crapping himself.  "Do you always have to open your mouth?" 

"Why yes I do!"   I can guarantee I will be talked about as the crazy lady.  At least until the first time one of their female customers or employees is mugged or raped in their store or parking lot.  Or the first time someone that hears that story has to go identify a body or visit a loved one in the hospital.  Bet they will think I am not so crazy after all.

So to save embarrassment of hubby and an uncomfortable ride in the car  I thought it might be best if I had a list of stores to BAN.  Then I can just send them each a letter telling them why I wont shop there.  Course I have to admit it did make feel just a bit better to let some one have it.  I could see the look on one guys face he was thinking about it.  Where he had said he had never really thought about it before. 

Oh and I might as well get this off my chest or hubby is going to get cold feet in the middle of his back tonight.  He said there is no point and if you see that sign just get in your car and drive away.  NO WAY.  Just crawl under a rock and hide?  Are you frigen kidding me!  BS you had at least better send the company a letter telling them WHY you are not shopping there.   Then he found on line where many just carry any way.  NO NO NO That makes you a law breaker.  Don't just roll over tell the manager write a letter to corp.  Tell them why they won't get any money from you.  If enough people did that they would change their policies.  If not oh well other places will love getting my money.   I even sent a letter to Starbucks thanking them and letting them know I will continue to shop there.  I also let starbuck employees know that their company supports freedom and the constitution by supporting the 2nd amendment.  How many didn't even know.  Were happy to hear it (even though most didn't really understand )  Plant a seed.  An idea maybe it will grow maybe not. 

So a list of anti gun stores shops businesses would be great. 

Starting the list with



I believe O'Rileys auto parts stores are anti gun.

Anti-gun lists of business can usually be found on the CCW forum(s) of a state.

Recently there is an APP out for that. It is called Gun Free Zone on iTunes.  The APP is only as good as those entering the information on a volunteer basis.


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