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CC Lantern Review
« on: October 10, 2009, 10:05:45 PM »
Today I received a CC Lantern from C Crane. The lantern is collapsible and contains 15 LED bulbs. When the lantern is opened, there are two power levels you can choose from. The low setting uses 9 LEDS and the high setting uses all 15 LEDS. The light quality is "cold" as you would expect from LED, but functional for emergency lighting. With all of my lights off in the office it provides lighting enough for the space (around 200 square feet).

The lantern came with a cigarette lighter adapter that will fully charge the lantern in 3 hours. At full charge, the lantern will provide light for 7 hours. There is a crank on top of the lantern, and 5 minutes of cranking will provide 20 minutes of illumination. The lantern also comes with an adapter to charge cell phones, and it will reportedly provide 5 minutes of talking time (or 150 minites of "on" time) for 5 minutes of cranking. For what it's worth, there is a disclaimer in the instructions that the lantern should be fully charged at least twice a year, and I am unsure what will happen if this doesn't happen.

I purchased the lantern as a backup light source in case of extended power outage. I have a fireplace, a coleman lantern (propane), and numerous flashlights. I am unsure what role it will play in an emergency, as 20 minutes of light is relatively weak ouput for 5 minutes of effort. I imagine that if the power were ever out for an extended period (i.e. 1 week) I would find a use for it. I would take advantage of the  cigarette adapter I am thinking, as 7 hours of light is pretty functional and useful.

Overall, I have mixed feeling about the purchase. It is a pretty neat idea, but the primary selling point (the crank) is not too efficient. I will put it in my pantry just in case, but I am thinking the money may have been better spent on extra propane or perhaps a kerosene lantern.

Here are some images of the lantern:
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