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Maya Fire Dust
« on: October 04, 2013, 08:39:44 PM »
     There is an intriguing piece of kit on the market called Maya Fire Dust. It's basically sawdust from pine sap wood. This type of wood kindling can usually be found in the outdoor section of stores like Menard's (the stick form, not the dust). I had bought a quantity of this kindling at the end of season. Because it comes from the stumps of southern pines harvested for pulpwood, the concentration of volatile pine sap is very high. You can light these directly with a match and three stick will easily start a fire. The commercial dust is available at most outfitters.
     The dust will ignite directly with a flint stick. It's relatively expensive. So what I did was to thoroughly clean out my shopvac, hook it up to my bench sander and sand down a bunch of these kindling sticks. The pile of dust in the vac was perfect, cheap and worked as well as the $5.00 a tin Maya Dust. Try it, you will like it.