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My journey to maintaining my own vehicles

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It seemed too soon to me until I read that you hit them hard, so maybe one or more was damaged.  I'm several years removed from working much on my cars anymore, but I remember one test for the shock absorber system I had luck with was putting all my weight on one corner of the car by sitting or stepping on the bumper.  Let the car settle than remove your weight.  If the car comes back to a normal rest position quickly and with minimal bouncing your system on that corner is probably ok.  If it bounces ul and down before come to rest in position you have a problem.
As I said, it's been many years since I've done much work on cars myself, you should probably look this test up online to see what I've forgotten... but it may be a good place to start.

that looks more like 6" of free play in that chain to start with, not 2". or so I told my ex wife.. ;)


--- Quote from: archer on July 27, 2017, 09:25:25 AM ---that looks more like 6" of free play in that chain to start with, not 2". or so I told my ex wife.. ;)

--- End quote ---

Ex's will say anything they feel like... don't listen to her. ;)

  STRUTS....cupping in tires can also be caused by resonance and irregular tire wear due to not being rotated often enough. Struts usually last longer though rough roads can wear them faster.I worked ,not as a mechanic,but at a goodyear tire  retred plant for 20 years or so in many work positions and the mechanics would often sell struts when the culprit was tires not being rotated. Don't just take my word for it as autos have changed a lot in 35 years.

I would say it's more likely a rotation issue than a strut issue. Typically when struts or shocks are worn you will have uneven wear around the circumference of the tire because the suspension never "settles". It's easy to spot a car with bad shocks/struts going down the or more wheels will continually oscillate up and down, even on a perfectly smooth road surface.

Putting in new struts is a lot cheaper than replacing tires though, at least on the strut equipped cars I've worked on.


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