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voice recorder review
« on: October 27, 2012, 11:08:14 PM »
Sony Digital Flash Voice Recorder (ICD-PX312) I purchased this Sony voice recorder and can highly recommend it as it is more than just a recorder. If you look at the product description they say nothing of features that make this quite an astonishing little device.

 This will connect to your computer via USB and the software supplied is simple in operation and yet will perform multiple functions that mimics an mp3 player at much lower cost. You can transfer any mp3 file to it and you can subscribe, download, and transfer podcasts!

The advantage of using this over an mp3 player is that it has a built in speaker so you don't need to don ear/headphones, which I hate. The top volume isn't more than a heavy whisper, but it works for me. With the addition of a memory card you can store unlimited audio.

For someone that is totally incompetent with tech, this is the most simple way to go if you've got someone to set it up for them in use with a computer.