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Sleep system review
« on: June 26, 2010, 01:22:22 PM »
I like to hike and camp, but don't like to carry a heavy load. In an emergency I believe that lighter weight gear will allow me carry more consumables or other stuff. so to shave a few ounces, almost a pound total.  I got a new sleep system. Being summer I haven't had a chance to use it in the cold yet, but I have used it camping in May and on the floor in the house.

Its all from Thermarest. This is the new stuff I replaced my old bag and mat with
Neoair sleeping pad     14oz
Ventra Blanket         2 lbs
Fitted Sheet            6.5oz

The following aren't new but comfortable for travel or camp
Lumbar Pillow          3.5 oz
Neck Pillow             5.8oz

Total weight 3 lbs 14oz,less than a sleeping bag and pad, and its very comfortable.
I also have a silk sleep sack which I don’t have the specs on, which is what I mostly used since the blanket was too warm. Think it is under 5 oz though.

Ok, for the review.
The pad is very comfortable. Seems flimsy though. It is not self inflating, you blow it up by mouth, but it is easy to do. I haven't used it it rough situations but so far it seems to have held up. Most comfortable sleeping pad I have ever used, it is very easy to adjust the pressure and firmness.

The sheet and ventra blanket are versatile, it seems like it would be very warm.  A lot of people may worry about not having sleeping bag underneath, but it just compresses and doesn’t keep you warm. I could barely keep the blanket on me outside at night in May and couldn’t use it indoor.  But the pad and sheet are very nice  indoors or out.

The old items (lumbar and neck pillow) are very nice, I use them for travel and camping. This is one of the things that might be un-necessary for survival, but makes life better.