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GE rechargable flashlight/ nightlight
« on: January 25, 2010, 02:16:32 PM »
This is a supplemental review to Jacks review of the Sylvania rechargeable flashlight.  Both the GE and Sylvania products are identical and manufactured by Jasco.

Sylvania LED Power Failure Light - A Survival Podcast Review

I found this GE at wally world for under $10 and picked two up.  I have been using them for about month now ans so far I concur with Jacks review.  I will not rehash his review, so If you haven't watched it yet , I have provided a link to it above.

After a full charge, I unplugged the light and let it run. according to one listing online, it states that it will run for three hours.  after 4it was still running with what I would estimate as about a 25% decrees in light output. at that time I went to bed with it still on.  In the morning, the light was off.  I have no idea how long it ran but 4 hours contentious use is a decent amount of time by its self. It unit does not put out a tremendous amount of light, but it is plenty to get your other lighting preps up in the event of a power outage.

The night light side will not work when the unit is unplugged, but by setting the light on a table pointed at the ceiling, it provided a dim but adequate room light.

One problem that I had with the light is that there is no option to for the unit to come on with a power outage without the night light turned on.  Also with the power out, the charge indicator goes off, so it will not be as easy to find if that was a feature. 

The second problem is that it when plugged in, it covers both reciprocals in a common outlet.  Currently the outlest that we are using are not needed for anything else, but I can see this becoming a problem.

A third note that is not a part of my first hand testing, but a common problem on many of the reviews I have read is that the unit will fail in a year or less.  The night light will continue to work, but the batteries will no longer charger so the emergency light becomes useless.   common fail time-lines are 8 months to a year. placed one aside and am still using one.  I may supplement this review in a years time. I will be disappointed of I don't get a longer life out fo this product.

Out of the box this is a great product that is an inexpensive product to add to your homes preparedness inventory. If it hold up to the test of time and I get at least a couple years of service out of it I will continue to be pleased. If it fails after two years I would still consider it a good investment and purchase a replacement.  If I get less that that I would have to forgo buying this product again.  It IMHO would not be worth it.  Not as much because of the cost, but just the reliability.  I would be quite pissed to have a power outage and go for one of these and have it fail when I needed it.

So far I am happy, but the it will be the test of time to see if I can recommend this product.  Thanks to jack for bringing this to my attention