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we found our place on landwatch. 

Check the applicable county tax or seizure sale lists. 


If you can drive to the area you are interested in, and find a spot you like, you might be able to locate an owner and make an offer using the applicable county assessor office maps and/or database.

+1 to Zillow. I'm using it now to try and hunt down a place in PA.
Also, Google Earth Pro is now free, and has parcel information available. It's really handy to look at areas and see who owns what plots, what the zoning is, etc. Finding it very useful in my house-hunt.

Does anyone know the podcasts where Jack has given extensive information about buying or selling real estate? I tried searching, but haven't found what I'm looking for.

John Doe:
I've been looking for where to post this..
mods, feel free to move it if you'd like

This was on the radio today:

In searching for the above link to listen again I found this:

I hope y'all find it interesting too


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