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I used my preps today...

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My most often used prep is my power bank these days...the village I moved to has a blackout in 2 of 3 storms. I use the power bank for the laptops, as well as for modem. Thinking of some simple way to have emergency room lights as well, since these blackouts happen alomost exclusively on evenings and nights. I do have plenty of candles and kerosene lamps, but I wouldn't mind having some basic electric light as well.

Battery powered source it is best to use lights that run off directly from the battery bank.  This way there is no up/down conversion for light.  To augment my flash light 'habit', I have expand out to a second charger that lets me use a/c or a d/c  source.  I need to setup some pig tails for I think a xt30 connector to allow different ways to use my hardware.

And on the subject of LED lights; those mini-LED lanterns that I have used on real power outages was sure handy when I needed to re-wire a failed switch in the basement. Those lights are  not that powerful; they do keep the hand free when you need to mess with stuff in the dark.

With all the fun going on, masks, no masks, shelter in place, almost every day I use some of my preps to make things a bit more easier to deal with the world.

you are spot on DC conversion losses. which accumulate fast.
I have run my tests on charging a powerbank and using this to charge the phone, and i saw 20+5 losses each way.
that is spending half your energy in electronics generated heat,, which is very "expensive" when it comes for solar.

But I will have to "scold" you for not having a good headlamp. And I DIY lightbar with a yard of waterprrof ledstrip...


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