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What do you keep in your BOB (Bug Out Bag) & Why?

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Change up on the socks as a suggestion and worth the price, had some Marine issue socks cheap at one time that contain silver to kill the foot odor and rot we get from longterm wear,there are other commercial brands plus underwear etc available. remember the old pioneers used to through a silver dollar in a gallon of milk to make it last longer and not spoil etc.

I guess I don't really have a BOB as a lot of people would think of one. Mine is probably closer to a GHB (Get Home Bag). The thing is, I always have this bag around with me. I am a programmer, and it's the large backpack for my laptop. I think there is about 1 hour a day when this bag isn't in the same room as me - that's when I am at home for lunch, a block away from work.

You can't take it with you if you don't have it with you and you need it RIGHT NOW, right?

I would agree with the post above, that the most valuable thing you can carry with you is your head. But, hey, that's why are are listening to the podcast, reading the websites, and talking on the boards, to improve what's in our heads.

Most of the stuff I carry I try to have as 'stealth' gear. It is multi-purpose, or otherwise made to look inauspicious.

The scope of this bag is to primarly be useful for everyday living - all the little crap that happens, sprained ankle at the park, button fell off your pants, you know the stuff that makes life interesting. Worse case scenario it will allow me overnight just about anywhere outside or indside. I can also walk a few days with it if needed.

So, here is what I carry around with me everywhere, I noted what I actually used today.

Lets see, Front Left pants pocket.
Keyring - this has several items on it
A little pill bottle with some pain killers and Pepcid AC
The little small Swiss army knife - great for a nail clippers (I used this today)
A 1gig USB drive with encrypted files of my important documents
A small rod shaped whistle that I picked up at a tradeshow
Keys (used today -duh)
Separate from the keyring, a large Swiss Army Knife Cybertool - great for working on computers

Right pocket
3 inch folding lockback knife (yes, that's number 3 on my person) (I used the knife today)
Pen (I used the pen today)
Sharpie marker - you can't believe how handy these are to have around
small pen flashlight with some duct tape wrapped around it - this makes it easier to find by feel (I used the light today)
Lighter - I don't smoke, when people ask why I carry it, I tell 'em my last girlfriend smokes
Small diamond knife sharpener - it has some floral wire wrapped around it - I am not sure how this ended up in my pocket, but I have yet to find a reason to find another home for it and I use it at least once a week either on my knives or a friends knife.

Debit Cards
card with contacts next to insurance cards
2 bobby pins, one in each 'fold' (I used one today to try to pick a lock to a cabinet we needed into at work)
25 lb braided fishing line wrapped around an old insurace card - it was the thinest card I could find - I use this often for stuff, never fishing
half a dozen 'patches' of duct tape on the back of a bookstore membership card - anybody have any idea how to keep the tape from sliding off the card and making a sticky mess?
a few fishing hooks wired together and put into that spare house key slot in the wallet.

Cell phone (used it today)

Now for the computer backpack. I take this thing EVERYWHERE I go. When people ask, I have it in case one of my servers goes down (which is true, but that's just an excuse to have the rest of the stuff with me)

Front pocket
Assorted company branded  pens pencils and markers
some branded post it notes
some nylon zip ties shoved int one of the pen slots in the bag - I am wondering how these would work for snares...
A company branded swiss army knife
A branded tradeshow giveaway screwdriver set
A magnesium firestarter
a plastic sewing kit set
a handfull of crystal light 'on the go' pouches
a magic trick quarter (happens to be an old silver one)

Middle pocket - this is where most of my 'supplies' are
A box of granola bars
A camping first aid kit stuff to bursting with extras like rubber gloves, athletic tape (sticks as good as duct tape, and the roll is much smaller), newskin, Ace bandages, etc. - I think the Biggest thing in there as far as BOB is the ace bandages - what if you sprain an ankle?
A plastic hooded poncho big enough for me and the bag
Assorted allergy medicine, cold medicine, etc. (I think I have taken one of the cold medicine, everyone else uses it)
A spare t-shirt wrapped as a 'brick' I got from a tradeshow - shirt or very large bandage
Altoid tin in a plastic bag with BagBalm in it - works like Vaseline and is antibacterial as well
35mm film canister of cotton balls
water purification tablets (the crystal light is to kill the taste if needed)
A ziplock bag with a 10x10  foot .7 mil painters drop cloth and some plastic garbabe bags
Also a few rayon cloths compressed into a small pill form
2 small pouches of tuna fish
1 Kitchens of India Rice meal in one of those boil pouches with a large pouch of tuna fish shoved in the box and glued back shut (DIY MRE)
Space blanket
Strike anywhere matches in a waterproof case with a dry cotton balls and the striker from the match box
Some light cord
hand sanitizer

The main pouch
The laptop
Power Adapter for the laptop
zippered leather notebook with calculator
small company branded notepad of graph paper
Folding maps of my state and the state north of me (where my folks are if I ever need to bug out)

Side pockets
Assorted computer cables and dohickys
spare cell phone charger
digital camera & charger and cables
bottle of water & one of those belts clips on the bag's shoulder strap to keep the water with me as it loves to fall out of the worthless water bottle pouch on this bag

The little cell phone pouch on the strap keps a compass/thermometer/whistle/magnifing lens all in one tchockys

I carry this around with me every day.
I had upgraded my first aid kit when my cat and I had a disagreement and he got hold of my arm.
The only other thing that I seem to use often is the food for days when I am too busy or forget to take lunch.
Everybody else is asking about the meds.
As much of this stuff is from tradeshows or otherwise branded with company names in the industries that I work for that it can pass for just a collection of assorted odds and ends that I have collected in my bag over the years. This has so far prevented me form being branded as one of those 'crazy survivalists'.

Now I just gotta find somebody with some bobby pins so I can replace the one I made into the lockpick today... Don't let me forget.


--- Quote from: patriot2980 on September 18, 2008, 01:16:04 PM ---
#550 Parachute cord. I keep a small roll of that in my bag as well.
That stuff is STRONG. You never know when something will tear, break, or need to be tied. And I can guarantee you it's useful for that.

--- End quote ---

Just a good tip to know, within 550 paracord, there are 7 (actually 14, but they are twisted into 7) separate strands that you can pull out to use when you need smaller rope.

I hope that linking to another site is not stepping on anyone's toes, but in the essence of not having to retype everything I did in another forum, here is my Get-home-gear that will be upgraded soon. My GHG is in my car, and I have added a few things since then. Once I have updated it on ZombieHunters I will update it here as well.

Plus you get to see my stupid mug on here.  :P

Cold, cross-posting is most definitely allowed.  Jack knows this is a hub with listeners from other venues.  It also exposes people who may not know about ZS (or any other prep site) and may give them another source of information.


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