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Suckers on bath mats don't always suck

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--- Quote from: Redman on October 28, 2019, 04:18:20 PM ---I agree with looking for the best price but one should also be aware of the quality that you pay for. Often more is not better but then as you've found more is better at times.

--- End quote ---
Yeah when I was in a cycling club my pals parents bought him a second-hand racing bike on the cheap but the frame snapped while he was riding it but luckily he managed to fishtail to a stop and wasn't injured.
My own parents used to go in for cheap rubbish too, for example my dad once brought a record player home and we kids got electric shocks from it.
PS- If ever I was to buy a gun, no way hozay would I buy second hand because for all we know it could have been dropped or run over or been laying at the bottom of a pond, or getting metal fatigue etc..:)


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