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Newbie with essential oils questions

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--- Quote from: r_w on August 02, 2015, 04:25:46 PM ---What do you want to know?

Aromatherapy info is everywhere, but the main thing is go with what you like.

Soaps are similar, but there are some rules like not adding them until the very end (like vanilla in recipes) because they will boil off and not be left in the soap.  Or that most citrus are too volatile to last in soap, so use citrus-like oils such as lemongrass or bergamot instead. 

Medicinal info is harder to find reliably.  We have a couple decent paper books and are learning from here and there.  We have an insanely extensive oil collection at this point, but if we started over I would focus on a few more multi use oils and blends:
An external wound blend, usually called first aid something
An immune booster
An antibiotic blend like four thieves or oils of the bible plus oregano oil
A headache/nausea blend

Then I would work on specific oils for your needs as you research them. There are a few that are crazy expensive, but worth it if you need them.  Helichrysum italicum is a hundred something per bottle (works out to 25-50 cents per drop depending on which size bottle you get) but will heal a wound when nothing else will.  It is like having acres of fresh comfrey stored in this little bottle.

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+1!!  This is good info.  What are the paper medicinal books you like?  And where are some reliable sources where you find your oils?

I think medicinal info is probably what I'd most like to know... like you said, it's harder to find reliable sources, and it's the kind of thing, unlike aromatherapy and candles, that you don't want to learn by trial and error!  :)

For glossy detailed book:
We have just the mini version.  Great detail and organization.  Covers aromatherapy, internal and external application.  Human and animals.  Very good reference book. 

Our go to book:
Simple book, not nearly as slick as the above books but it has a concise list of conditions and the oils that are beneficial that we use all the time.  Very focused on direct application and not aromatherapy and only Native American Nutritionals oil blend names, but they can be cross referenced to other brands fairly easily.  It also has a very good application section including the foot, back, and ear charts--similar to reflexology or acupuncture charts but for oil application.

Thank you, I will take a look at those! 

If anyone has additional thoughts to share, that would be great.  :)

Evelyn Mitchell:
This is the book that started me on my journey "The Art of Aromatherapy" by Robert Tisserand, His website:, and is still my favorite reference as it covers a wide range of very practical uses for essential oils, he explains the unique as well as the common properties and includes some history, it is very thorough.

My first oils were from Frontier Herbs, very good quality. They have merged their essential oils with "Aura Cacia" which had very good quality too, and are now a part of the Frontier Herb's company. I have used them for over 20 years and still have 5 of my original 6, though they are nearly empty. True essential oils do not go bad, though the quality may change either improving as with Patchouli and Ylang Ylang, ...I know there are some that weaken but I don't know which ones., and

For very high quality I use Swiss aromatics.

My two favorite books for the medical use of essential oils is by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, they are Advanced Aromatherapy, and Medical Aromatherapy both very good, but a strong understanding of chemestry, better yet Biochemistry is a big plus. His website's:
"Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy" and "Original Swiss Aromatics", founded by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, 1983,

In a pinch "Now" brand essential oils available at your local health food store are good to use, their quality is better on some oils than others, and more reasonably priced. They are slowly getting into organic oils. I have had very good results with their Oregano, Tea Tree, Pine, and all the spice oils.

I hope this helps someone, or if Sunshine is still looking for more information.


Ok. So no expert here because I don't need to be. My partner is a certified herbalist and much more invested into the practice. I don't claim anything beyond persuasion and the ability to convince others. Anyway, I just want to help as best I can


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