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Hi Fellow "Lady Survivors"

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Just thought I'd start the ball rolling since the folder was empty!  Hi!

You look lonely here all by yourself, so I thought I would stop in and say "Hello". 
What should we start with?  How about CLOTHES?
Dressing "down" in a SHIF situation.  We all like to look our best - not only for others to see, but for our own self esteem as well. BUT, in such a situation, it might be better to "ugly" one's self up a bit.  Of course, the bad guys generally don't choose their victims based on looks, rather it's a power/hate type thing.
But, why encourage anyone?  The duller, drabber, more invisible one appears in such a situation, the better.
No make-up, baggy clothes, and maybe in extreme instances - the "unwashed" look.  (And maybe a way to "smell" yourself up in a hurry.) Anything to discourage the bad guys.
What do you think? 

Hi guys!  I'm so excited we have a "room" of our own!   ;D

I know that there are so many bright and talented women out there who would have a lot to contribute. Tell your friends about this place.  We can all learn something from other women.  We can probably come up with things that the guys haven't thought of. (Then maybe pass it on to them.)
I am eager to learn as much as possible.

With regard to clothes, I have a problem in that I work and have to dress as a professional every day.  I don't have a lot of casual clothes.  I only own 2 pairs of jeans.  If you had to have one article of clothing for survival wear, what would it be?


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