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I've been thinking about the Mumbai situation and that I keep everything in my purse and I have a another bag I haul around in the car "in case".  But let's say I am sitting in a restaurant and I've put down my purse and I have to run and I don't have time or presence of mind to grab my purse.  Then I'm out on the street with nothing except maybe my car bag.  It may be days before I get anything back if I would get my purse back at all.

I'd like to have my Drivers license, bank card and some cash.  Any suggestions for something I could use even if I'm wearing a dress/skirt?  I could make something I could wear around my neck and under my blouse maybe...

Just thinking....

Some of the travel stores have zipper pouches that can be worn around the neck.  I've also seen thin fabric 'belts' that go around the waist under your clothes and are not noticeable at all.  Try or

Maybe a key chain that has a zipper pouch the size of a driver license or credit card.  You could keep a few folded bills inside.  If concerned that you might not grab your keys, attached a coil wristband so the keychain will stay on your wrist.

Hope this give you some ideas.

Thanks, the key thing is something I didn't think about.

I keep a small stash of $1 bills in my BOB in the car.  As for the driver's license/bank card, if you don't need them with you have you thought about keeping them in your bag in the car?  When you leave your vehicle just put them in your bag, until you come back out again.  If I am going to a store I put my cash money and CCW permit in my pocket (I don't wear anything without pockets, skirts, suits and dresses included)  That way if my purse is stolen, I don't lose those items.  THe driver's license is much easier to replace than the permit, and I can use the permit as picture identification, and I really don't want a thief to get all my cash if they steal my wallet!

Just a thought.

Are you afraid of someone breaking into the car and taking off with it?  I have a Dodge Magnum (no trunk).  I, too, keep cash not in my wallet.  Good idea about all clothes having pockets.  I'll keep that in mind as I buy skirts and dresses etc.


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