Author Topic: PRIME Act tries to return control of intrastate meat slaughtering to the states  (Read 1882 times)

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An attempt to return meat slaughtering operations that are only for selling inside the state where it occurs to the state's regulation.  Of course the large meat companies and their advocates are against it.

The current status quo is that something that could conceivably be sold in interstate commerce is considered part of interstate commerce and subject to regulation.

This seems like a no brainer to me.  If you want local resiliency you have to establish the legal framework that allows local sources to exist. Its one thing to advocate resiliency and local, but if the regulations do not allow it, the attitude is moot and you are waiting for the system to collapse before you could do anything about it.

OBTW, this might be a fantastic precedent.  People have talked about intrastate firearms production also.  Commerce in intrastate firearms could be however the state liked without interference of Federal Regulation.  Of course federal law would still apply to who may possess firearms.