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Food Storage Feast students: Introduce yourselves here

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Noah Darco:
Welcome, Geordie9.

Glad someone is keeping the British end up around here - I've always been very fond of that half of my family, and don't get to see them nearly often enough.

We won't tell my wife about your edible insect business - otherwise she might conduct a night raid. She comes from a part of the world where every corner market has an edible insect business or three.

lol, thanks Noah. I enjoy it and I am trying to start a business with it so hopefully she might be able to get them at a store or market soon

Northern Iowa.

We have a huge garden, but what to do in the winter? I've been wanting to deeply expand our storage & pantry, but have always been hesitant to purchase any of those long term storage solutions. I looked into the idea of just storing what we eat, but so much of what we eat is fresh produce or meat in the freezer. The idea of buying buckets of rice, beans, sugar, flour, didn't really seem all that practical or complete, either.

Our local co-op has so many options of dried foods & bulk prices if we want. But I didn't know where to start.
It was with great pleasure to listen to Jack's podcast on this topic, and so I signed up as soon as I got home from listening to it.

My oldest son is starting to get interested in cooking more and more, so we are going to probably make one of these meals each week, see if the family enjoys it, and if so, add it to our repertoire, and then stock up the pantry with those ingredient items. I also know he enjoys learning by video, when possible.

Howdy from Southeast Texas, just northwest of Houston. 


How do I get the spice packs from your recipes?  The TSP packs are out of stock at your store, and I would like to start the recipes with the original ingredients at least the first time before I modify them.



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