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Since last Saturday's M&G, I have been trying to find enough time to sit down and start this thread. I wanted to throw out a local, ATL resource list for various things we need, use, or buy on a frequent basis.

Here is my contribution:

Gun Shops:
Adventure Outdoors -
Wild West Traders (indoor range as well) -
SPD (no guns sales, but holster mecca) -
Nicks Guns (meh, IMHO - indoor range) -
Pannels Firearms (indoor range) -
Big Woods Goods (these guys are completely awesome, IMHO) -
Bargain Barn -
The AR Bunker -

Surplus & Outfitters:
Brigade -
Army/Navy Discount -
Hodge -
The Outside World -

Ammunition Manufacturers:
Georgia Arms (i have bought tens of thousands of rounds from these guys) -

Please add whatever info you have. This is just a start.


Thanks for the lead on Harbor Freight !

I went there Saturday afternoon and picked up a 45w solar panel kit, a solar trickle charger for the car plus a few other odds and ends.

Bulk Grains, foods, supplies etc  including gamma seal lids, mills, dehydrators, more.

Agreed about big woods goods  great prices, knowledgeable people and good selection.

Supplies and alt energy across Georgia state line in NC  good people and one stop shopping for alt energy and various sundries have bought solar panels and supplies from easy to deal with

Alt energy  have bought panels from them and picked up in TN saving on shipping in the past.

Shootin supplies

Communications  North East Atlanta   fast shipping and great prices

Awesome thread HB! Thanks for starting it.

--- Quote from: haloblue on August 25, 2009, 02:41:42 PM ---Nicks Guns (meh, IMHO - indoor range) -

--- End quote ---

I haven't really bought anything from these guys other than range ammo and targets, but I did want to add that on Tuesdays they have a ladies shoot free night at the range. My wife and I go pretty often. Plus they reload so they always have ammo. It is overpriced for reloads though if you ask me.

Not too much to add, but I have a few

Firearms Ranges - WMA Shooting Range Information (these are great. I think most are free, but some charge $5 for parking or something like that, but the money goes to support the WMA land so, that is pretty cool)

Bass Pro (I love getting lost in the one down by my folks. they usually have ammo. haven't been to the one in Lawrenceville though)

Dick's  (cheap hunting and camping gear in the off season, but sometimes over priced.  they do have a lot of stuff though including guns and ammo)

Angel Food Ministries (awesome deal on food. there is a great thread on it already. basically $30 for $60 of food once a month. you can PM me if you have questions the thread or website don't answer) - Angel Food got shut down, turns out it was TOO good a deal -

I'll post more if I think of anything.  Great stuff so far. I had no idea most of these places even existed. very cool


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