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What to be aware of when buying land in KY?

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Great news, Creuzerm... sounds really lovely.

Time marches on, and I finally sold the old property in the Chicago suburbs.  I called the guy who owns the adjacent 15 acres to my new place and made an offer and will be growing my little place to 80 acres at the end of the month.  Cash, yay!  The 15 is much more farmable than the existing 60 with only 25 feet of elevation change across it.

This also secures the only buildable spot within sight of the house so I will maintain my privacy - as much as possible with the house being close to the road.

A second pond, this one .34 acres. A block wall and metal roof well house. So another water well available. Not sure how deep this one will be. 

I will have a mile and a quarter of double wide mowed walking trail in a single loop.  And another half mile of woods logging trails hand mowed with a scythe while I figure out a bog bridge wide enough for my rider mower.

Deer and turkey!

Gonna hold off on the house addition until after this whole coronavirus finishes it's shockwaves across the economy.  It would suck to finish the build and loose my job.  I can currently afford about a 50% shrink in pay and be able to make ends meet - just not happily with no "toys" like Netflix.

Sorry I'm a bit slow in reading this... it all sounds fantastic! Let us know what all you are doing with the new property...


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