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Kalispell Realtor Needed


Hola Folks,

The Mrs and I are 9 months from relocating to Kalispell MT. It would be lovely to locate a property with a home on it for purchase instead of renting but there's no rush. We would rather rent than rush into a property that isn't what we want.

That being said, does anyone know of a real estate agent worth dealing with? We are looking at the whole valley. Basically a 20 mile circle centered on Kalispell.

Or if anyone knows of a property, here is what we are looking for...

A small property to start a nursery business. Herbs, flowers, market garden, trees (fruit & nut), mushrooms.
Possibly ducks and maybe game birds.

Budget cap of 250K (this is max for having all the check boxes ticked on the dream sheet)
Min 2 acres (prefer 5+)
Min 2 bdr 1 bath
Bonus for pavement to the property or 2wd access year round.

Any actionable assistance would be fabulous.

Thanks guys,
David Hogan


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