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Colorado folks want to keep bees?


Hey guys,
Any potential her keepers in the Colorado area that would be interested in an intensive workshop? I met " the bee whisperer" Michael Jordan last weekend and he might be willing to come down to my place in Elbert to teach a full day course if I can drum up enough interest.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this...

Right place to post, I'm just too busy to take on one more thing at the moment (and that's unlikely to change in the foreseeable future).

I don't see this happening till either winter time or early next year. He's winding up to head to Permaethos and I suspect that'll tie him up awhile.

Hey btw, do you have any photo's or reports on your older hugel beds?

It's all in the four years running that I linked in the other thread. 

I'll only add that there's problems that the experts don't bring up, like how mice and voles will get into your beds and set up residence in the matrix between the pieces of wood and your filling material (in my case, mostly wood chips and horse manure).  They'll eat the root systems of your trees in some cases.  That said, eventually snakes and possibly some form of disease came in and took them out, but it took a couple years and I lost about a third of my asparagus crowns, one plum tree, and a significant portion of my strawberry production in the meantime.

My oldest bed is by far my most productive bed, but it did take time to find that balance.  It also has the best afternoon shade, so it tends to stay wetter and not get scorched by the late afternoon sun.  Right now it looks like a mini-rain forest, thriving with siberian pea shrub, echinecea, buggleweed, strawberries, and a half-dozen medicinal herbs I planted that I haven't bothered to identify.

Some of that might be because it's hugel, some of it might be because it's my oldest bed, some of it might be because of the soil depth I created with the terrace, some of it might be because of the hours of daylight... Either way, it's thriving and has my best biodiversity.


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