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We are looking into west Montana and the Idaho pan handle areas for some land. Right now we are simply researching the areas. All I know of the areas are from my over the road days and driving the I90 corridor. I just love the area between Spokane and Missoula. I have never driven anywhere else around there, you don't get to see much from the cab of a truck.

We are interested in a minimum of 10 acres up to what ever we can afford for a working homestead/small farm.

I know every area has its pockets. Pockets of weather, wind, people and the area "vibe". Some places seem to get mild weather while just 20 miles away they get slammed with harsh cold, snow, wind or heat. Ive been working the Bakken for a year and a half now and I am SICK of -60 and a zillion MPH winds. We left the Denver area for work up here and to acquire the funds we need to do what we want. We loved the Denver weather. Loved it. But since the state is loosing its mind we will not be going back. Ideal would be Denvers weather in Montana/Idaho or as close as possible. I don't know, is that possible? We aren't afraid of the cold or snow, we like both To A Point! North Dakota is off the chart though.

Anyways, if you have any info you would like to share, that would be awesome.


Tyler Durden:
Stay out of missoula county. Lots of government overreach there. Western mt is pretty mild. East of the divide is windy, although prettier in my opinion. You might want to check out around Plains and Thompson Falls.  Im an engineer and we run through those areas. They seem nice and are very pretty.

I hear you. If I wanted government monitoring my toilet paper usage we would go back to Colorado. Im sure Missoula is a nice place to visit. I need to be able to run a permaculture site the way it needs to be, not the way some councilman thinks it does.

Ive seen some land in the 2 areas you mention. Most are damn steep and rocky but hey, it IS the rocky mountains. What should I expect haha. I have seen some doable listings that are part super slope and part meadow. There some nice places in the farming areas in the valleys too.

I hear Libby gets slammed with winter weather pretty bad. I also hear Kalispell has gotten rich and uptight. Im not sure about either being truth but Im not interested in either situation.

Know anything about the long valley below Missoula? I think its the Bitterroot Valley?

Thanks for your input :)

Tyler Durden:
Don't know about Libby and Kalispell.  Bozeman is pretty rich- full of California money.  The Bitterroot valley is really nice.  I hear there is a lot of big money there, but we have seen some affordable stuff too.  Flat and open as well.  Flathead valley north of Missoula is nice.  Wide open and flat just like the Bitterroot.  It is reservation land though, so I don't know if that would affect anything.  A lot of guys I work with live up there.  Some have small farms and they seem to like it quite a bit.  I've only lived here for 6 months now so I'm no expert, but hope this helps a little.

Reservation land. Spooky. That would definitely require some legal research for any pitfalls.

Its turning out to be a lot harder to get info than I thought. I have asked this same question of several forums and besides the PE site this is the only place I have gotten any responses. Thanks for your time, Shirley T


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