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I wanted to make sure everyone here knows about Project Appleseed and has the opportunity to attend one near them. Please PM me if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer.

Project Appleseed Main Page

The below is from the main site...

--- Quote ---What the RWVA (Revolutionary War Veterans Association) is all about:

History and Heritage

Project Appleseed is an activity of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, dedicated to teaching every American our shared heritage and history as well as traditional rifle marksmanship skills.  Our volunteer instructors travel across the country teaching those who attend about the difficult choices, the heroic actions, and the sacrifices that the Founders made on behalf of modern Americans, all of whom are their posterity.

Our heritage program vividly portrays the Battles of Lexington and Concord with the kind of care and immediacy that is absent from most formal schooling. Modern listeners are confronted with the danger, the fear, and the heartbreaking separations that arose out of the choices made on April 19th, 1775. They are also reminded of the marksmanship skills and masterful organization that ultimately helped set the colonists on the path to success. Those who attend gain a better understanding of the fundamental choices faced by our ancestors as they began to set the stage for the nation we now enjoy.

--- End quote ---

Why come?

How to prepare for an event

Find an event


                                          1 Day             2 Day       3 Day            RBC
Adult                                       40                  60            90            150
Under 18 *                             15                   20            30             50
Law Enforcement                FREE               FREE         FREE         FREE
Active Duty Military              FREE              FREE          FREE         FREE

The info below may be subject to change and there may be some more dates added so, keep checking the site.


May 2014
Gurley   AL   May 03-May 04    Appleseed   Information   Register
August 2014
Guntersville   AL   Aug 30-Aug 31   Appleseed   Information   Register
October 2014
Gurley   AL   Oct 11-Oct 12   Appleseed   Information   Register


March 2014
Saint Augustine   FL   Mar 08-Mar 09   Appleseed   Information   Register
Bunnell   FL   Mar 15-Mar 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Hernando   FL   Mar 15-Mar 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Orlando   FL   Mar 15-Mar 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   Mar 15-Mar 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Gainesville   FL   Mar 22-Mar 23   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Mar 22-Mar 23   Appleseed   Information   Register
Clearwater   FL   Mar 29-Mar 30   Appleseed   Information   Register
April 2014
Pensacola   FL   Apr 05-Apr 06   Appleseed   Information   Register
Hernando   FL   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed - 1 Day   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Apr 19-Apr 20   Appleseed   Information   Register
New Smyrna Beach   FL   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed - 1 Day   Information   Register
Palm Bay   FL   Apr 19-Apr 20   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed - 1 Day   Information   Register
May 2014
Hernando   FL   May 10-May 11   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   May 17-May 18   Appleseed   Information   Register
Orlando   FL   May 17-May 18   Appleseed   Information   Register
Saint Augustine   FL   May 17-May 18   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   May 17-May 18   Appleseed   Information   Register
June 2014
Palm Bay   FL   Jun 07-Jun 08   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Jun 14-Jun 15   Appleseed   Information   Register
Clearwater   FL   Jun 21-Jun 22   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   Jun 21-Jun 22   Appleseed   Information   Register
July 2014
Myakka City   FL   Jul 19-Jul 20   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   Jul 19-Jul 20   Appleseed   Information   Register
August 2014
Palm Bay   FL   Aug 02-Aug 03   Appleseed   Information   Register
Saint Augustine   FL   Aug 09-Aug 10   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Aug 16-Aug 17   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   Aug 16-Aug 17   Appleseed   Information   Register
Clearwater   FL   Aug 23-Aug 24   Appleseed   Information   Register
Hernando   FL   Aug 30-Aug 31   Appleseed   Information   Register
Palm Bay   FL   Aug 30-Aug 31   Appleseed - KD   Information   Register
September 2014
Tallahassee   FL   Sep 06-Sep 07   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Sep 13-Sep 14   Appleseed   Information   Register
October 2014
Bunnell   FL   Oct 04-Oct 05   Appleseed   Information   Register
Palm Bay   FL   Oct 04-Oct 05   Appleseed   Information   Register
Pensacola   FL   Oct 04-Oct 05   Appleseed   Information   Register
Hernando   FL   Oct 11-Oct 12   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Oct 18-Oct 19   Appleseed   Information   Register
New Smyrna Beach   FL   Oct 18-Oct 19   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   Oct 18-Oct 19   Appleseed   Information   Register
Clearwater   FL   Oct 25-Oct 26   Appleseed   Information   Register
November 2014
Tallahassee   FL   Nov 01-Nov 02   Appleseed   Information   Register
Saint Augustine   FL   Nov 08-Nov 09   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Nov 15-Nov 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Hernando   FL   Nov 29-Nov 30   Appleseed   Information   Register
December 2014
Palm Bay   FL   Dec 06-Dec 07   Appleseed   Information   Register
Pensacola   FL   Dec 06-Dec 07   Appleseed   Information   Register
Myakka City   FL   Dec 13-Dec 14   Appleseed   Information   Register
New Smyrna Beach   FL   Dec 13-Dec 14   Appleseed   Information   Register
Tallahassee   FL   Dec 20-Dec 21   Appleseed   Information   Register


March 2014
Toccoa   GA   Mar 01-Mar 02   Appleseed   Information   Register
Macon   GA   Mar 15-Mar 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Rising Fawn   GA   Mar 15-Mar 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Baconton   GA   Mar 29-Mar 30   Appleseed   Information   Register
April 2014
Dublin   GA   Apr 05-Apr 06   Appleseed   Information   Register
Rising Fawn   GA   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed - 1 Day   Information   Register
Waco   GA   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed   Information   Register
Baconton   GA   Apr 26-Apr 27   Appleseed   Information   Register
May 2014
Rising Fawn   GA   May 17-May 18   Appleseed   Information   Register
June 2014
Rising Fawn   GA   Jun 07-Jun 08   Appleseed   Information   Register
Toccoa   GA   Jun 07-Jun 08   Appleseed   Information   Register
Macon   GA   Jun 21-Jun 22   Appleseed   Information   Register
July 2014
Elberton   GA   Jul 19-Jul 20   Appleseed   Information   Register
September 2014
Elberton   GA   Sep 06-Sep 07   Appleseed - KD   Information   Register
Toccoa   GA   Sep 06-Sep 07   Appleseed   Information   Register
Rising Fawn   GA   Sep 13-Sep 14   Appleseed   Information   Register
Dublin   GA   Sep 20-Sep 21   Appleseed   Information   Register
October 2014
Toccoa   GA   Oct 04-Oct 05   Appleseed   Information   Register
Rising Fawn   GA   Oct 25-Oct 26   Appleseed   Information   Register
November 2014
Toccoa   GA   Nov 01-Nov 02   Appleseed   Information   Register
Macon   GA   Nov 15-Nov 16   Appleseed   Information   Register
Rising Fawn   GA   Nov 15-Nov 16   Appleseed   Information   Register


March 2014
Knob Creek   KY   Mar 29-Mar 30   Appleseed   Information   Register
April 2014
Cave City   KY   Apr 12-Apr 13   Appleseed   Information   Register
Wilmore   KY   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed - 1 Day   Information   Register
June 2014
Knob Creek   KY   Jun 07-Jun 08   Appleseed   Information   Register
August 2014
Bowling Green   KY   Aug 16-Aug 17   Appleseed   Information   Register
September 2014
Knob Creek   KY   Sep 13-Sep 14   Appleseed   Information   Register
Park City   KY   Sep 27-Sep 28   Appleseed - KD   Information   Register


April 2014
Como   MS   Apr 26-Apr 27   Appleseed   Information   Register
June 2014
Como   MS   Jun 28-Jun 29   Appleseed   Information   Register
August 2014
Como   MS   Aug 23-Aug 24   Appleseed   Information   Register
October 2014
Como   MS   Oct 25-Oct 26   Appleseed   Information   Register

North Carolina

March 2014
Ramseur   NC   Mar 23-Mar 30   Rifleman Boot Camp   Information   Register
Ramseur   NC   Mar 29-Mar 30   Appleseed   Information   Register
April 2014
Charlotte   NC   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed - 1 Day   Information   Register
Ramseur   NC   Apr 19-Apr 19   Appleseed - 1 Day   Information   Register
May 2014
Ramseur   NC   May 24-May 26   Appleseed   Information   Register
June 2014
Charlotte   NC   Jun 21-Jun 22   Appleseed   Information   Register
Ramseur   NC   Jun 28-Jun 29   Appleseed - KD   Information   Register
July 2014
Ramseur   NC   Jul 26-Jul 27   Appleseed   Information   Register
August 2014
Ramseur   NC   Aug 24-Aug 31   Rifleman Boot Camp   Information   Register
Ramseur   NC   Aug 30-Sep 01   Appleseed   Information   Register
September 2014
Charlotte   NC   Sep 06-Sep 07   Appleseed   Information   Register
Ramseur   NC   Sep 20-Sep 21   Appleseed   Information   Register
October 2014
Ramseur   NC   Oct 25-Oct 26   Appleseed   Information   Register
November 2014
Charlotte   NC   Nov 01-Nov 02   Appleseed   Information   Register
Ramseur   NC   Nov 15-Nov 16   Appleseed - KD   Information   Register
December 2014
Ramseur   NC   Dec 13-Dec 14   Appleseed   Information   Register

South Carolina

March 2014
Newberry   SC   Mar 01-Mar 02   Appleseed   Information   Register
Gaston   SC   Mar 22-Mar 23   Appleseed   Information   Register
April 2014
Newberry   SC   Apr 12-Apr 13   Appleseed   Information   Register
May 2014
Gaston   SC   May 31-Jun 01   Appleseed   Information   Register
October 2014
Gaston   SC   Oct 18-Oct 19   Appleseed   Information   Register


March 2014
Sevierville   TN   Mar 11-Mar 12   Appleseed   Information   Register
Puryear   TN   Mar 29-Mar 30   Appleseed   Information   Register
September 2014
Puryear   TN   Sep 20-Sep 21   Appleseed   Information   Register

See you on the trail!!!

I really want to participate in an Appleseed. I would also like for my sons to participate. We all shoot and this seems like a great opportunity for training and fellowship with each other. After all, our great-great...........grandfather was in the Revolution - hung by Tories in the Old 96th in South Carolina - thus my disdain for British food and desire to fire a rifle.

I wish MS could be a bit more like FL... 3 events in the state... at a single location... in a year. Really? Como, MS is also just outside the middle of nowhere and should really be listed in TN. :)

--- Quote from: Roswell on February 26, 2014, 09:23:59 AM ---Mississippi

April 2014
Como   MS   Apr 26-Apr 27   Appleseed   Information   Register
June 2014
Como   MS   Jun 28-Jun 29   Appleseed   Information   Register
August 2014
Como   MS   Aug 23-Aug 24   Appleseed   Information   Register
October 2014
Como   MS   Oct 25-Oct 26   Appleseed   Information   Register

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, it may be too late to get any more MS events on the calendar for the year, but Project Appleseed is always looking for new venues if you know a place. Maybe we could get something set up for next year.

Also, look around at nearby states and there may be one in another state that is still in driving distance.

And don't forget the information I listed above is subject to change
(like Alabama added 2 more events since I posted the info and Tennessee added 6!)

Alan Georges:
Thanks for posting this Roswell.  I may be able to make Pensacola or even Tallahassee (closer than Como!) for one of these dates.  This really is something I need to finish up, after scoring so painfully close back in 2012.

Maybe we could pulse people who have 25yds and a "good" backstop in South-Central MS. I access to a site with the length and facilities, but not a full-up range style backstop or the width to deal with 30 peeps.


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