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13 Skills for Mountain State Prepper

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--- Quote from: defib on June 29, 2014, 09:09:26 PM ---Hello from Wyoming County neighbor...good to see another Mountaineer on here.  Your electrical work looks really good from what I can tell.  I did some wiring for a temporary solar panel system install last summer but it didn't turn out anywhere close to that clean and neat.  My hat is off to you sir.  I did learn a lot about solar systems though if you ever need any help.

Take care,


--- End quote ---

thank you, my father was an electrician, he'd be happy to know some of his skills got passed down :).

How are your 13skills going? 

Not too bad busymom.   I have updated my 13 skills page, not done that in awhile.   I have completed the following to my liking...

* gardening
* food storage
* water catchment
* concealed carry permit
* electrical
* dehydrating
I need to work on these things next...

* archery
* marksmenship
* fishing
* beer making
* knife making
* barbering
* first aid


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