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Do you know what drowning looks like?

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Cory (NewOldTech):
Awesome article! +1!

Excellent article.

I remember not too long ago seeing a vid on youtube of a kid getting rescued by a lifeguard.  People all around, but no one noticed.

Her's another vid, just found, seems to be a great example.  I didn't spot the drowning kid until the lifeguard got to her.

Perfect description of drowning. Reading it helps me articulate what I've witnessed when I've had to help kids in the water.  I never learned this in lifeguard class at the YMCA


Thanks again for posting this. I was that little kid once, almost drowned without even knowing it, I was 3 or 4 years old. Playing by the lake, slipped silently from the dock.
Children really drown without a sound. So please keep eyes on the water when children are swimming or playing by the water.
Assume there are sharks and alligators in the water if your child can't swim.

Morning Sunshine:
Liam - thanks for bumping this just before summer. welcome to the forum :)


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