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Do you know what drowning looks like?

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When my eldest dd was 2, I watched her almost drown. It absolutely was quiet. ANd her dad was literally standing  in shallow water a foot or two from her !

I was 8 months pregnant with our second, we were on a retreat "camping" trip with alot of extended family, his siblings with their spouses and children. Our child was the youngest. A few of the fathers were in the swimming hole with the kids, my husband had our 2 year old. I was far back on beach with other moms, supposed to be relaxing and reading magazines, etc... I happened to be looking that way because it was nice to see them all playing. He was right there with her, but shallow water for him was high up on her chest. He turned the other way to talk to his brother and watch the antics of the older kids, she took a step, and then was just silently floating face down in the water. no noise, no movement. It was very surreal. No one else saw it but me, I wasnt close. The guys in the water are just talking and laughing. I started yelling and moving, it was real crowded, so this sea of people is parting for me - the crazed, huge whale of a pregnant woman yelling, gesticulating and lumbering towards the water.  About the time my feet hit the water, he heard me, looked back and pulled her out, sputtering and coughing up water. Once I saw she was ok, I smiled (at her only) and walked off, I didnt want her to become scared of the water. But, it is that quick. In a crowded vacation spot, she could easily be unnoticed long enough to need medical attention, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, or die, and all silently. My husband could never admit she was in danger, or there was a problem, which was actually the scariest part of the whole thing. Other fathers I didnt know who witnessed it at the swimming hole did come up to me during the week, they got it, and it realy made them keep an extra eye on the little ones. One told me, that he thought at the time, "I'm glad that wasnt me..."

I never took my eyes off of her the rest of the week, and she did have so many swimming lessons and was such a water kid that she swam on swim team for college

I was on the underwater end of drowning when I was about 3.  It is very quiet and peaceful.

My mom used to take us over to a neighbor who had a pool and they and all us kids would go swimming.  I remember going underwater, not being able to get to the surface and just settling on the bottom sitting quietly.  I remember just sitting there and even at that young age thinking this was the end so relax and wait for it.  Suddenly my big brother dove in near me grabbed my arm and yank me to the surface. 

If I had been on the surface to yell and splash then I would have been breathing and there would be nothing to get excited about.  You don't know you are drowning until you are down and can't get back up to the surface, then it is too late.  I severe toe, foot, or leg cramp (or other injury) though could put you in peril while still on the surface and in that special circumstance you might be able to yell and splash for help.

Josh the Aspie:
I remember loving the water when I was younger.  I was swimming in a pool, holding my breath, and being just fine, as I floated to the bottom of the pool, just wanting to peacefully relax in the water, face down.  Suddenly I was yanked to the surface by... I forget now, but it was either a lifeguard, or my panicking mother.

I didn't understand at the time that my enjoying a peaceful float looked so much like real, actual drowning.

Sweet! now I'm a little less stupid, thanks for posting


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