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ND Abolishes Property Taxes

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how's that for a headline!  ;D

and its possible:

(MISH is always worth a read)

If this ever comes to be I may have to look real hard into buying some property and moving up north .  :)

If this comes to be I think ND property will become a bit more expensive as people pour into the state..  ;)

Worth supporting, especially as it could establish a precedent for other states to follow. And at least make people say 'hey, they don't pay property taxes in ND, why should I have to?'

Morning Sunshine:
yeah, even without property tax, ND is a hard sale.  brrrrrr......

I agree ND is a tough sell but the thought of no property tax can't be ignored. I about came out of my seat just reading the headline of the post. Just the thought of truly owning your property. I'd be afraid of it passing prices quickly rising then it getting repealed and losing value again.


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