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I've used these folks in the past.  Good people.  They offer a variety of grains and honey from two sources.

Very cool.  Thanks for posting.

I know most of you are further North, but we get uncleaned wheat (fresh from the farm) for $7 per 50 pound bag at WW Feed & Supply in LaJunta. I'd much prefer cleaned wheat though, so I may check out the above link next time I'm in Denver.

I lived in Hanover, CO many moons ago.  At that time, we would just buy it from the neighbors, straight off the combine. (Slight exageration, I think 'cuz I was just a kid then.)  All the neighbors would go on the same day to minimize the inconvenience, 'cuz the farmer sold it dirt cheap and was just being nice.

Denver Terry:
Hi all,
I know this is an older thread but wanted to add a supplier in the metro area.
Wardel Feed - 7610 W 42nd Ave  Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 (Wadsworth and 42nd Ave)
I've picked up 50 pounds bags of hard winter wheat for $17.00 and they carry other grains as well.


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