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I'm starting to buy food there. Boxes of cereal on the cheap. Plus it's the only place I can find my cologne anymore.


--- Quote from: ChrisFox on January 22, 2011, 08:05:05 PM ---I'm starting to buy food there. Boxes of cereal on the cheap. Plus it's the only place I can find my cologne anymore.

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Hai Karate?  :D


--- Quote from: Nicodemus on January 22, 2011, 10:53:17 PM ---Hai Karate?  :D

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Damn, I had a bottle of that when I was much younger. Guess my bottle was defective, I never had to defend myself from rabid women.


--- Quote from: JGreene on January 22, 2011, 01:21:43 PM ---My only beef is not being able to call them.  Well... I couldn't find a number to call anyway, perhaps I just missed it. 

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Use for almost any company to get a direct number to a human being with little to no wait.  It worked great for me when I had to call Amazon.

Amazon absolutely rocks. First purchase was in 1999. Spent well into 5 digits with them since then.

Couple tips:

Amazon Prime membership: For $89/yr, anything that is normally "Free Super Saver" shipping will be shipped 2-day delivery. No minimum purchase. I've purchased a $2.04 microphone for my iPod and it was in my mailbox in 2 days...for $2.04 total. Want it overnight? Only $3.99 more (per item). Want it TODAY? Only $3.99 more (per item). They have "Local Express Delivery" for certain items stocked locally to you (order in the morning and get it that evening). I have yet to actually FIND any of those qualifying items, though.

Amazon Subscribe & Save: For qualifying products, get an addition 15% discount when you schedule automatic delivery. For example: Prilosec 42ct is $22.96 at WalMart. $21.75 at Amazon. Agree to have X number of packages sent automatically every X month(s) and the price drops to $18.49.  Rice-a-roni $1.42 at local store. Regular price $1.48 at Amazon. Subscribe & Save price, $1.25 (sold in 12ct cases) You can cancel the subscription anytime after your 1st scheduled delivery. This is also a good way to build up some of your preps. I have 8 items so far that come to the house like clockwork in quantity, delivered by the "Great Brown Truck of Happiness". Dated and added to storage. Rotated as usual.

Other Sellers on Amazon: When you find an item you want on Amazon (especially books), look at the link showing other selling new or used. Personally, I prefer used books for the significant price savings. All purchasing is done THRU Amazon so THEY are on the hook if something goes amiss with the seller, although I've never had an issue.

** Usual Disclaimer: No affiliation other than a satisfied customer, batteries not included, contents may settle, your actual mileage may vary, no expressed or implied warentees...yadda, yadda, yadda. **

PS...Please, no comments on generics. I've tried 7 different brands and NONE worked as well as Prilosec.


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