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Tip #6 Surviving Sickness

If you are like me and many others this sinusitis season then you may be having trouble with upper respiratory problems. This is caused by sinus leakage going down your airway and into your respiratory system. This can cause infection to set in. If this is the case then you can rapidly develop bronchitis or pneumonia. Since this seems to happen to me fairly regularly I am going to share my methods for staving this off once upper respiratory problems set in.

First, I start taking guaifenesin. Musinex with decongestant is good. Drinking plenty of water. I stress....PLENTY of water. The purpose of guaifenesin is to help loosen mucus in your throat. Water helps this considerably.

Secondly, take your vitamins. You should be taking them anyway, but that is beside the point. Among the list to take that will help your immune system out are: Vitamin A, C, D, E, Daily Vitamin, and Zinc. It would also behoove you to take Echinecea and Goldenseal herbs. They boost your immune system and act as a mild form of antibiotic. Drink hot tea. It soothes the throat and provides antioxidants.

Lastly, get pillows so you can elevate the upper portion of your body in bed. Elevating your body in this way slows down the rate that mucus can get into your lungs. I know it is a pain, and somewhat uncomfortable, but it is a damn sight better than getting pneumonia or bronchitis.

Some comfort measures for me include: Humidifier, vapor rub, nose strips, and a netti pot.

If any of you are suffering like I am then I hope this helps you get through it.

Tip #7 Food and Survival

A quick little tip here if you are caught in a survival situation where food is scarce. During our everyday sedentary lives we are advised to intake only 2,000 calories. During a survival situation we are advised to intake 3,000 and above. Why is this? When you are sitting at a computer all day like I do there is very little exertion and therefore the less calories your body needs. When you are fighting for survival you will burn calories relatively quickly. You will start to lose weight. The reason for that is because there are only 3,500 calories in one pound. If you do not take in at least that much when you are burning a lot of calories then you will start to lose pounds.

Just remember this before you start rationing food.

Tip # 8  Fire Skills

Always carry a lighter, even if you do not smoke, and you should have an easy method for creating fire. Sure it is not as survival sexy as starting a fire with a magnesium stone or a fire drill, but most of the time you will really want the quickest method available to you. Carrying cheap lighters in your BOB, car, jacket, and anywhere else you can think of will help you immensely should you ever need to start a fire.

Even better idea is to have a zippo lighter. You can use more than just lighter fluid in it, but be careful what kind of fuel you use in it. Some can be too strong. Test your fuel first and if it blows up quick and does not burn steadily then most likely the fuel is too strong to put in your zippo.


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