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Just remember: Some batches take a very long time to mature, while others are quick.  Even the same recipe is no guarantee. 

I had one a while back the fourth or fifth time I'd used that recipe.  Even after 30 days, it was green as hell (great on steaks, though).  So, I'd bottled it, and shortly afterwards is when I tried my hand at Korny kegs. 

So, I'd forgotten about the batch when it came time to move about 14-15mos later.  I see these bottles and think, "oh yeah, there's that crappy batch I made."  I didn't want to move it, so I popped the cap on one, and began pouring it down the sink.  A few seconds into the second bottle, I was punched in the face by the aroma of a sweet, dark wheat German with undertones of anise and vanilla. 

Best batch I've ever made, and I almost dumped it out!!   ;)

thank you. Yea all the "screw ups" will go into the mystery bottles or something like that if the batch isnt going to kill you

There are some certifications available.  Check out American Brewers Guild and Craft Brew for some of them.  But none are required.

An observation is that for many craft brew places, the brewer won some competitions and they showcase the winning brew.


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