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Burnt Hollow:
Hey there everyone. I am an award winning homebrewer, and have been brewing at home and making wine at home for 5 years. Lately I have had a few friends ask me to help them pick out equipment, or identify starter equipment, for them to get into brewing. There is so much equipment out there, and it can be really intimidating to get into the hobby if you don't know what you are doing. I have been trying to figure out how to turn my home brew operation into a business, not really to make money, but more as a tax write off. So I'm wondering if there is a market for a consultant to show the client exactly what they need to get started, and brew the first batch of beer with them, explaining everything as we go.
I also make wine and hard cider. I made all of the beer and wine for my wedding. It turned out very professional, we saved a lot of money, and the guests absolutely loved it!
What do you think? Is there anyone in the Denver metro area that would be interested in this service? This is not an active business right now. I'm just wondering if there would be any interest.

I would be interested, but perhaps more from the angle of taking a class. Not sure if that helps give a direction to the business angle,but it might be something to consider. There's a new business called Denver Urban Homesteading - - and they are offering classes in a number of areas. They might be worth approaching for something like this.
Best regards,

Looks like an old thread but I recently figured out what my wife and I can do together as a business! She thinks a brewery would be cool! So next step is learning to brew and to start towards that stuff. I am looking for a good way to include the Permaculture stuff and have a brewery. The other part is where can I learn this stuff? or what are some ideas you guys have?

I know that in my state (Maryland), it is much easier to start a brewery if you are sourcing a certain percentage of the ingredients on the premises.  It also allows the brewery to sell the beer directly to the customer.  At least that's my understanding of it. You may want to see if you have something like this in your state.

I guess I will high jack this threat? Yea I found some of the licencing stuff but do you need something to be a brewer so to speak. IE just to brew for the public do you need cert or anything? or if a company said we want you to brew for us do I need a cert of some sort?


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