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Order placed and recieved, excellent service.


The Wilderness:
Placed an order on Monday for a couple Maxpedition 10 x 4 Bottle holders and a Volta Battery Case.

Received the complete order today, no back orders.

3 days from order to receipt, that is excellent service in my book.

These guys have good prices and excellent service.

I highly recommend them, and will be purchasing more from them in the future.

The Wilderness

Thanks for the feedback.  Right now we aren't doing back orders so if the web site says it's in stock it is (except for the very rare inventory mistake).  We strive to ship every order the same day.  Right now if an order gets placed by 4:00 pm MDT and ships USPS it'll normally get shipped that day.  We can usually stretch UPS out until 5:00 pm MST.  We don't wait for USPS or UPS to pick up our shipments (meaning that the order sits until the next day).  I'll either get one of the guys to deliver the orders to the shipper or I'll do it myself.  ;)

And speaking of orders, I just placed my for the M-2 and Janus!! :D


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