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The final days of The Survival Podcast Forum have arrived (probably)

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Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: Bradbn4 on October 22, 2020, 06:52:22 PM ---I was back on MeWe - it is better than it was - but it is missing some nice to have features I love about this place.

--- End quote ---

Forums provide a type of interaction that Facebook and MeWe cannot provide.  A few years back, I wrote up An Introduction to Internet Forums for Facebook Users and summarized the differences:

--- Quote ---In Facebook terms, a forum resembles a collection of maybe 10 to 200 related Facebook Groups, all with the same membership and under the same management. But there are important differences:

Facebook is great for conversations spanning a few hours or a few days, but finding old posts on a particular topic is very inconvenient. In a forum, though, the whole history is easily available, organized by topic, and searchable. This makes forums a better choice when you want to access (and contribute to) an archive of information.

Long-term discussions
Forums are also great for conversations spanning months or years. Customs vary from one forum to another, but it's common to find some forum discussions that continue for many years, or are resurrected when a member has something new to add.

Breadth and depth
A forum can cover a broad range of related topics, but by splitting up the discussions into many separate forum sections, it enables in-depth discussion of narrow topics. It's easy to ignore the topics that don't interest you, and to join other members in discussing interests that you share.
--- End quote ---

This is not what most people want anymore.  Or so it seems.  Everyone is captivated by the immediacy of Facebook and Twitter, and of course these behemoths have designed their algorithms to keep feeding you the latest and most attention-grabbing material.  It's rare to have a deep discussion of any topic, and even if you do, those discussions drift off the bottom of your news feed in a few days and are generally never seen again.

Forums have their own problems, though.  (You already know this if you've been a member of any forum for more than a few months.)  I've been a forum guy for 30 years -- my wife and I ran a dialup BBS from our basement in the early 1990s -- and most of the problems are still exactly the same as they ever were.

I will miss TSP Forum.  Mostly I will miss the amazing place it was in 2009-2014ish.  But compared to those years, the 2020 TSP Forum is sort of a zombie. :zombie:  Time to move forward.

Alan Georges:
Well darn.  And I was just about to jump back in, too.  Took a little time off after Carl's passing, then a little more, then...   Ah well, either we'll be back (doubtful? maybe?) or I'll see some of you at the next cool forum.

And you're right on all three points, Mr. Bill.  Facebook and the like just don't hold anything of substance for a lot of people -- including me!

If the TSP board isn't back, anybody got any suggestions for similar well-run forums?

I hope it can be kept as read only and searchable. There's lots of good information here.


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