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First, I'm not a black powder shooter currently...but in pondering my options for after SHTF type scenarios & the possibility of future ammo shortages I've often thought that it would be nice to stockpile a bare bones option for feeding & defending one's self.  I'm not familiar with the various black powder or smokeless powder options out there for the DIYer either, so pardon me if some of my questions are pretty basic for you black powder experts. ;)

I consider the shotgun to be the all around working man's gun.  You can defend yourself & feed yourself with some very simple & basic changes to your loads.  To that end, I've often thought or wondered what could be accomplished with solid brass shotgun shells.  Which leads me here to ask you blackpowder/primitive gun shooters some questions.

Can brass shotgun shells be used with modern smokeless powder generally?  I know there are various types, but generally is it possible, or do I have it wrong & there are no general variables that can be counted on when trying to do something as seemingly simple as loading a brass shotgun shell?  What types of powder should I be looking at if I want to start experimenting with brass shotgun shells?

These are what I have in mind.

What types of modern & available shot can be used in these shells?  Anyone have info/sites they can share with me on this topic?

What types of guns can they be used with?  Is it possible to use these shells in modern type pump or break action (over/under or side by side) guns?  These are basically the three types of guns I like for simplicity sake & ease of repair, which in IMO will be important given a reduced capacity to find or manufacture repair parts.

I know there are other options for firearms but I'm not interested in discussing those here.  My specific interest is in building a kit around the brass shotgun shell.  Any info you guys have would be a great help to me, so thanks.

Never used the solid brass shells, but I found a video that goes along with adding SHTF versatility to a shotgun.

Hope this helps.

The Wilderness:

--- Quote from: quietmike on June 21, 2009, 05:00:39 PM ---Never used the solid brass shells, but I found a video that goes along with adding SHTF versatility to a shotgun.

Hope this helps.

--- End quote ---

Great video quietmike, I hope to experiment with this.

Thank you


Cool video quietmike, thanks.

Definitely answers some questions I had.  It looks like some of that would translate to the full size brass shells. 

The video made me wonder if you can field reload a 20 ga. shell (or any shotgun shell) with black powder using a similiar method as muzzleloading.  I ask about 20 as that is what I have. 


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