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DC Relay/switch question

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Trying to picture what you want . Is this a direct grid the system ? Or maybe sense you install solar hot water systems intended for pump run on a SHWS .

I'm a little confused as well, sounds like you want a relay or switch that opens the contacts at some voltage level above 8vdc?  Regardless, maybe this will help.

--- Quote ---Pick up voltage (also defined as pull in voltage, or must operate voltage): As the voltage of a de-energized Relay is increased, this is the value at or below which all contacts must function.

Drop out voltage (also defined as release, or must release voltage): As the voltage on an energized Relay is decreased, this is the value at or above which all contacts must return to their de-energized position.
--- End quote ---

Then use the search feature at Mouser ( to find a relay (you'll need to read the data sheets) that has a "Pick up / must operate" voltage that will keep the relay contacts closed at your normal operating voltage, and that has a "Drop out/must release" voltage of about 8v (or whatever voltage you want the contacts to open at).


--- Quote from: vardaman on April 27, 2018, 06:38:47 PM ---I didn't say I needed a battery low voltage protection circuit, you did. I said I needed a relay or a switch. I'm not using batteries. It runs when the sun is shining, that's all I need for it to do.

--- End quote ---

In this type system. a low voltage disconnect ...the BATTERY would be replaced by the solar panels.


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