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Friday the 13TH tornado,Did I survive?

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--- Quote from: Carl on April 15, 2018, 04:13:54 PM ---  I have a USB,very low power,fridge that will keep insulin at or below 40 degrees with a very low power demand for extended situations and I keep about 10 months ahead in rotation...the USB fridge is to chill ONE soda can though works well for my load of insulin.

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That sounds like a fantastic item, so, if you thought that your outage would have been even longer, I take it you just would have never powered up the fridge off of batteries, and instead just powered that little thing ? Would it then go a couple weeks ?

My fridge is on one of a very few outlets that are not directly connected to my batteries, so I have to run an extension cord to it, so unless it is more than 24 hours, I dont bother. Food is fine. I spent money summer before last on a few expensive batteries, wish I had bought one more of them, I should have charged it, as it would be better to have that bit more of amps available, there is enough capacity, but having more amps available at one time, and more capacity would have been more ideal. But,  too expensive and too far to drive to bother with at this point. I am fine for days on the batteries, how many days depends on what other decisions are made. I have solar panels to recharge, if the sun is out. If I wanted to run a week I would (1) turn the breaker off for the pressure pump and make due with lower water pressure (2) not run the dishwsher or washing machine, limit entertainment power useage.

does Smurf know about this USB fridge? Insulin sure does need back ups to your back ups.

Prayers sent Carl.

Glad you are OK, Carl...

David in MN:
I'd be curious about tornado prep. I've been through a few. The last one was bad as in it got close and I lost contact with my wife who was in its path. I broke down and smoked and prayed. Likewise I once drove through 3 tornadoes on my way back from a mill in Iowa and my wife cried over the phone as I went 100 mph on I35.

It's always been a game of 3 card Monte with me. You either get hit or you don't. The tornadoes are pure cruelty. The north side of the street is fine but the south side is gone. How do you prep for when your neighbor's truck flies into your house and then the whole thing is lifted and moved 4 miles? I'd be curious what worked in the high winds.

Carl, you are amazingly resourceful.  Stay strong.


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