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Mr. Bill:
I want to welcome our two new forum sponsors:

Ivanco Inc.

Ivanco Inc. offers custom built-to-order AR rifle uppers and lowers (and, soon, complete rifles), as well as many other firearms and accessories.  They also offer firearms training in a safe and comfortable learning environment designed for women.  Check them out!


CountyComm specializes in EDC (EveryDay Carry) items for government agencies, and they make their excess inventory available to the general public on this website.  A good source for wristwatches, flashlights, and lots of other EDC gear!

If you're interested in sponsoring our forum and getting your ad seen by bazillions of preppers, or if you'd like to suggest a potential sponsor, please contact me or any of the forum staff.  More info and pricing here.  Thanks!

Mr. Bill:
Another forum sponsor has joined us today:

Mai Thai Coffee

Mai Thai Coffee offers you several flavors of fresh-roasted coffee, cultivated in the highlands of Northern Thailand.  Not only do you get great coffee, your money helps fund rural economic development, as well as housing and education for needy children.  And!... there's a nice discount for MSB members!

Thank you sponsors!!


woohoo!!! thanks Mai Thai!


--- Quote from: Archer on February 04, 2014, 12:16:21 PM ---woohoo!!! thanks Mai Thai!

--- End quote ---

you're welcome! glad Mai Thai could be a more involved member of the community, you guys have been good to us and we wanted to give back!

make sure you check out this thread for a chance to win some free coffee!


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