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Vote for Your Favorite "If I Wanted to Save America Video"

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Missed the deadline.  Guess I need to catch up on episodes.

Winner is Dene B.  We are going to launch the campaign on Thursday in the AM as long as that works for Dene, I would suggest that the two others go public about that time as well, post your vids as responses to Dene's.  They were all awesome!  I do want them all seen but in an effort to get the winner into viral mode for the first day or two lets all promote the heck out of that one.

Great job to all of you! I too, missed the voting.

Dave in Broadway, NC:
I went to Youtube this morning to join the other 3,000+ people who have "liked" the video.  Fantastic production (both video and audio, to say nothing of the ideas they express).  Especially liked the snapshots of some recent headlines.  Then I went to my Facebook account and posted this to my wall:

I think most of you know my politics...liberatarian with a small "l."  With all the pictures I've posted of our cows and goats, etc., it's probably no surprise to know I'm into self-sufficiency and self-reliance.  A couple years ago I found a website that represented the marriage of these concepts, "The Survival Podcast Network."  The philosophy of the man who runs the site is "Helping you live a better life, if times get tough or even if they don't."  The video link is from that site.  Amid the cynicism and silliness that dominates the 24-hr news cycle-, there are some inspirational qualities to this video, and I recommend you take the eight or so minutes to watch it and consider the messages, and consider what you can do to exercise your freedoms and responsibilities for your family, your community, and your country.  Here's the URL to the website:

Hey mozartgocart any chance at getting the final image of the whole us filled with the words. Might make a good T-shirt, or something.

I hope that's not rude. I just thought if its easy to do from the program you used to make it might make pretty cool swag.


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