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preban and postban gas cans?

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--- Quote from: mike on February 11, 2009, 12:12:19 PM ---Did you purchase some Scepter cans?  They seem to be highly thought of in the various user comments.  What has been your experience?

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No, the going price was about $60-80 EACH CAN since the very few vendors knew they had you by the balls.  I have four of the Walmart el-cheapos instead.  They aren't in the same ballpark, but I couldn't justify the cost.

Jack Crabb:
Dan, thanks for the comments.

I live in Virginia.  To avoid the CARB compliant cans, I may have to have my order shipped to a "free state."

Stein, $60-80 is too much.  Expedition Exchange has them in the $40's with a $5 discount if you buy 4 cans.  Not mil sup prices but a lot of the surplus dealers are showing out of stock.

Now, the question is poly Scepter or steel Wedco?

A year or so ago, I was looking at cans when gas prices were all over the place.  The cheapo cans have a warning that they are not to store fuel for use in automobiles.  Is that a safety thing or a contamination issue?


--- Quote from: mike on February 11, 2009, 01:48:28 PM ---Now, the question is poly Scepter or steel Wedco?

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I would have preferred the Scepter cans myself since denting and rust would have been a nonissue with them but decided on the Wedco cans for the following reasons.

Yes they dent and can rust but metal cans do not breath like plastic cans do making them better for long term storage. This is most important to me.
The Wedco cans from Expedition Exchange are new and have a lining material that should keep rust at bay for years to come.
Wedco cans for the moment are available unlike the Scepter cans and many of the surplus cans.
Price on the Wedco cans was lower than on the Scepter had I been able to get them.

Question...  What are the gov't-mandated design changes, and how do they affect actual performance for gasoline storage?  I know very little about that subject, so for all I know it could be neutral or even positive.

If you care that much about it, maybe you'll know enough to teach me something.

Child proof cap on the can and spill proof spout are the two things that I am aware of in addition to the actual CARB certification. From what I have been seeing on the web many of the CARB certified spill proof spouts are crap and have a tendency to leak of all things.


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