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preban and postban gas cans?

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Jack Crabb:
This was a new one for me.

First, the CARB-Compliant Petrol Jerrycan holds 5.3 US gallons of gasoline and is legal for sale in states and districts like California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire (so much for live free or die), New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington DC that have adopted CARB regulations for portable fuel containers.

Second, CARB-Compliant Petrol Jerrycans are date-coded on the side of the body to show that they were manufactured prior to the 2009 childproof requirement.

I realize that proper fuel storage is important, but we are now date stamping gas cans.

Any one know anything about Wedco cans?

Tommy Jefferson:
More government nonsense to prevent manufacturers from selling useful products people want.

Someone should develop a line of fuel cans and specifically advertise them as "Illegal in California!".

I'm telling you it would be a great marketing angle.  I would buy five just on general principle.

CARB regulations are going federal, every state will comply.  I don't remember if it is this year or next, but it will happen.  I looiked into it a while back when I was trying to order some of the military Scepter cans which aren't compliant - but are much more functional and practical.

Jack Crabb:
Did you purchase some Scepter cans?  They seem to be highly thought of in the various user comments.  What has been your experience?

I ordered four of the Wedco pre ban 20L cans and spouts from Expedition Exchange a couple weeks ago. I filled them with gas the other day and with them on the passenger side floor board on the way home I couldn't smell any fumes. The lids seal very well but can be a bit tough to open however I think they may get a little better with some use. The Wedco cans have an added pin others do not which adds to the caps security. They are a good quality product, I highly recommend them if you are in the market for a metal can. In fact I am thinking about ordering a couple more in the near future, maybe a couple of the 10L cans.


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