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 The savage looks interesting also

 I found here an over/under 12 gauge that weighs 6 pounds, that seems really light for that gun.

 It seems it may be rather pricey, any shotguns that come apart or are ultralight ?

I am so tempted to get a longarm similar to that Savage, but I have other priorities.  :'(

Patriot:Ex Machina:
A good friend of mine has the Henry produced version of this gun, and hasn't had any issues that I know of.

I carry the Henry in my truck and havent had any problems with it. It suits it's purpose and is reasonably accurate.

I hereby pronounce the Henry AR 7 survival rifle the single worst firearm I've ever owned!

Not only did it reliably jam with every brand of ammunition i fed it. its natural point of impact fell outside anything close to the area covered by the sights.

After sending this POS back to the factory because of the sighting issue, i was shocked to find they had replaced my polymer barrel with steel rifled insert, and given me the upgraded full steel barrel which eliminated the problem not one bit.

I traded the thinge back to the shop that originally sold it to me out of pure spite for selling it to me in the first place.


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