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Alright gang, it's been a long time since I last updated on the takedown 10/22 stock I designed.  My apologies for the delays.  Since I've been back from Afghanistan, significant progress has been made.  I've finalized my design, found a local manufacturer with CNC capabilities, and am discussing options for a point of sale.  Within the next couple months I foresee a working prototype; after working out all the potential bugs.

From there I'll streamline the manufacturing process and begin the first production run of stocks.  All of this will be funded by yours truly, and the first stocks will be "on the shelf".

My prototype will be made out of stainless steel, but I'll likely be making the final product out of aluminum and stainless.

Besides custom colors, does anyone have any suggestions or desires that they'd like to see built into the platform?  Thank you all for your patience!

Just take my money now!! I give it to you gladly!!

Seriously, I'll buy one. But if I could have anything for my TD, it would be bag choices. A year ago I figured the endless ruger aftermarket would adopt TD bags as the new thing. But not much as I can see. I'm seriously thinking about going into the bag business since no one else will. :)

I'm sure Cartpusher would have a bag that would work well.  The longest part is going to be the barrel.  My current barrel is around 18.5 inches.  But don't let me get in the way of you starting your new bag business!   ;)

Every new opportunity is great for our community!

Newest update on the takedown 10/22 stock I'm building.  I've had some major life changes that included starting a business, changing day jobs, and taking the online PDC by Geoff Lawton.  All of those things notwithstanding, I'm sitting down with a mechanical engineer next week to look over my design for the barrel locking mechanism.  Once that is given the green light, the prototype fabrication will begin.  I now have access to a full machine shop and any materials for this production.  Woohoo!

Great things come to those who wait.  Can't wait to roll this out!

We ironed out a few more bugs and are moving along well now.  We have launched our crowd-funding campaign on  Please take a look at it if you get the time.  Here is the link:


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