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How to get a stuck bullet out.

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A Pirate:
My powder got wet while hunting in a snow storm. We put a bullet puller into the round and while tugging the ramrod snapped. My dad and I have two plans. 1. Take a screw welded to a rod and screw out what is left of the ram rod get it out, then use a bullet puller again. Or 2, hook up the blow torch and melt the lead slug. Can you all tell me what you would do in this situation? Thank you.

By the time that lead hits up - I would expect what powder to have dried and cooked off.  I do think heating the barrel up that hot might cause a loss of temper of the barrel.

You should remove the rod, let the powder dry out - and dry a new cap ?  or is it flint lock...

I am not sure if you could use compressed air from the breach side and "push" the ball / powder out.

If the powder has fizzled - I would still try to get the bullet puller out - and in a safe location  use a bunch of primers and slowly force the bullet out.

When I had a squib load I used primed brass to push the round out of the barrel.  It took about 4 trys before the bullet dribbled out of the barrel.


Thompson center sells a neat device that uses co2 cylinders to remove a stuck ball.   the other option is to remove the nipple and force a little 4f powder in the hole screw the nipple back in recap and fire.

The Professor:
Well, crap, Bladesmith beat me to it.

Go down to your nearest gunshop and get what's called a "CO2 Discharger/Unloader".  It fits right on the  nipple and a few quick shots should do it.   You may want to lube up the barrel, a bit, before you do it to make it easier for the bullet to slide down.

Here's a link to the item at Cabela's, as a reference.

The Professor

OR, pull the nipple off the bolster, shake out all the powder you can get out of it. If it got wet, it might be caked up in there, so a toothpick might help to loosen it up. Dont use a sparking metal, as it "could" set off the powder... (that said, I use a normal safety pin or bent paper clip, which will spark, etc, etc.)

Dribble a light load, 20gr or so...of powder back into the bolster/chamber area. Make sure the threads are clear of powder, and replace the nipple lightly.

Reseat the ball/ramrod piece onto the powder. This is very important.... RESEAT the projectile onto the powder. You dont want air between the powder and ball.

Cap, and fire into a safe location where you can recover the parts.

Some muzzleloaders have a small screw below the nipple that can be removed for dribbling in powder and cleaning. That would be a better way than trying to screw the nipple back in with powder in the threads...
This method has worked for me several times..


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