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Be careful in severe weather events!!! WARNING PICTURES OF AN ACCIDENT.


We have had some severe weather storms in the last month or so and sadly it caused a death in our community.

I am posting this in an effort to make us more aware of the danger of storms and the need to evaluate your actions!!!

During a recent flood, Trees piled up against a bridge causing the water to flow over the top of the road.

Debris removed..


This is what is left of a pickup, if you come across high water or debris... DON'T DRIVE THROUGH IT.

An excellent reminder, unfortunately at someone else's expense.  That's such a shame.

It never ceased to amaze me when I was living in Houston how many people think they can make it through standing water in a flash flood (flooding there is BAD).  If you can't see the road through the water, it's too deep unless you're truck's jacked up.  If the water is moving AT ALL, don't go through it.  It's better to sit on the side of the road and be late for whatever you were dying to get through than to deal with the danger of being hurt or killed when your vehicle is swept away or the financial loss when your vehicle is totaled because it was flooded.  Use your head.  =-]

A definite shame, too bad people don't learn not to do this in driving school. Or don't remember...


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