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Can you buy black powder locally?

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Was looking today - none at Wal Mart, Ace or local gun shop. Pyrodex was available, but not what I want. I know the larger shop 45 mins away has it, but was surprised I could not find it closer.

I am working on a .177 black powder project with very minimal tools. I can't decide between a mortar and a gonne.

And that is correct, .177 caliber - probably pellets, but would work for BB's.

Seriously, what is cooler than a pellet shooting gonne with a chopstick handle....

Morning Sunshine:
if all else fails, it can't be that hard to make.... or get ingredients.

The only place I can get black powder locally is at the shop that specializes in black powder arms and accessories.

The federal regulations regarding black powder are much more restrictive than those for black powder substitutes or smokeless powders. Black powder is classified as a group A primary explosive by the United States Department of Transportation. As I understand it group A requires special transportation and storage methods that a diminishing number of retailers are willing to deal with considering the increasing quality and popularity of black powder substitutes. That’s why you will probably find real black powder only at a black powder shop and substitutes everywhere else.

As for making your own, I believe the difficulty lies in getting the powder properly mixed in the correct quantities and more importantly the correct size granules. From what I can tell a ball mill is almost a requirement if you intend to make any usable quantity.

I was wrong - at largest sporting goods shop in areas today - the place I knew had to have BP - none, don't carry it.

I have one more possible shop - if not, there is no black powder within at least 60 miles of my location.

as far as making it... the Mythbyusters takled this one a while back... what they found... the consistency was critical, what they ended up with did ignite... but not nearly as big a boom as commercial powders.


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