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Title: Aquion Energy batteries
Post by: mountainmoma on March 07, 2018, 05:24:39 PM
I have mentioned on another thread here that I bought, and like very much, the Aquion Energy salt-water sodium ion batteries. (Before you go crazy again on price, they sell some packaged together as a module ( basically a pallet sized connection of multiple units) while a small efficient household like me and other off grid not-rich households use individual stacks (batteries) I have 3 stacks, which is about 1/4th of a module).

So, last year I was disappointed to see that Aquion was doing a voluntary ch 11 bankruptcy.  Since it realy is a great technology for stationary uses, they were restructured in a couple months, and bought out by a joint venture majority US equity firm affliiated with a large Chinese company, Juline-Titans. The new owners refined a few things and are going BIG, and are moving production to China ( ! Pittsburgh gave a good sized grant, and a loan, to have productions there, but that was before the ch 11 and new owner), with a business plan showing a phase 2 of opening a second plant back in the USA next year.

So, good news is you will be able to buy them again, and they are even better for amount stored and lifecycle. They are available again next month, April 2018 for regular production, to ramp up to 1GW production factory by August of this year, and the second 1GW factory up in the USA August of 2019.

The comparative willingness of Chinese companies, or their affiliates, to provide the growth capital that could push promising technologies to manufacturing scale also raises concerns about the long-term industry leadership of the United States, where there are famously wide gaps in markets for clean-energy funding.

they paid a bit under 10 million and have invested 10s of millions more getting the new supply lines and scaled up production going

Back to my comments, This will give power walls a run for their money globally, all though market share here in the US may be slower initially as Elon Musk has a lot of Name recognition. And, I think it is too bad that we didnt have a US company gooble them up and that they are going to China ! We developed this cost effective, innovated approach to storage, but we didnt back it quite enough... came close, but as my dad used to say, close only counts with handgernades and horseshoes. The article above in technology review gives a good overview of how this happens.

Other take away by me is not the first batch out of a new factory, of course, but after that, if you need some storage that will last I do recommend the design

Title: Re: Aquion Energy batteries
Post by: mountainmoma on March 07, 2018, 06:05:13 PM
I like his TEDx talk about how the Aquion storage technology was developed and how and why they did the common material choices that would make a low cost storage