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Title: Crossman P70 Auto Pistol Review
Post by: ModernSurvival on January 22, 2009, 02:13:47 PM
This is a gun I inherited from back when my son's friends would come by our house and we all shot airsoft in my poolroom.  The key is we don't know who's it was, after the move to Texas we contacted everyone when it turned up, no one was missing a gun so we held on to it. 

These guns sell for about 29.99 on most online stores that have them.  In my opinion that seems like a pretty good deal but since mine just "tuned up for free" that is an even better deal.  Here is a picture of the gun in question.


Velocity wise this gun is kind of on the slow side, shooting a reported 175 FPS, I have always shot .20 pellets in it and would recommend the same.  While I have not chrono'd the velocity I think it is definitely less then the 175 reported in the spec's. 

The gun is an AEG (automatic electric gun) and operates with a blowback action.  While it is kind of cool it is a bit distracting because of a way slower then normal for say CO2 or an actual semi auto firearm.  It runs on 4 AAA batteries, which add some weight to the gun, which makes is a bit nicer and closer to the feel or a real weapon.  Though still very light.  I am not sure (if any) what real world firearm this gun is based on but it does have a very nice feel to it.  While all plastic it feels more like the hard rubber handles many nice lock back knives are made from and it fits the hand very well.

The gun is not realistic from a functional standpoint of the safety, magazine release or as already mentioned rate of fire.  The safety is in front of the trigger and has three positions.  Safe, semi and full auto, yes this little gun has a full auto setting.  Yet the rate of fire at full auto is slower then semi auto on a gas pistol so it is really kind of a fun little novelty feature that the kids seem to like playing with.  The magazine has no release you just sort of pull it free from the gun.  It is a long thin curving mag that holds 15 pellets. 

The sites like most airsoft pistols are fixed but very nice, all black though no white paint or orange dots.  Accuracy wise it is a good little gun out to about 12-15 yards, after that it starts to go bad fast, this is due to the very low velocity of only about 150 FPS in my estimation regardless of the 175 FPS spec.  You can hit man size targets out a bit further but you won’t be shooting cans or other small targets further then that with consistency. 

Up to the range of about 15 yards though it is a very accurate gun, last summer I sniped some paper wasps that were trying to build nests in our second story eves.  Since it has a low velocity it was plenty to knock the cones down, spat the wasps, etc but had no effect or damage on our vinyl siding.  The low velocity has also made it our gun of choice for self-defense and disarming training.  With long sleeves and good eye protection it is great for practicing disarms and you get a sting when you do it wrong.  No one is going to end up with a pellet breaking the skin or even a bad welt but you still don’t want to get hit.

I think gamers would only use it for very close quarters combat, it is noisy (kind of an electric buzz and snap), it has a low rate of fire and at a range beyond 40 feet even though it is accurate enough to hit a person, the person could actually truly see and dodge the pellet at that range and beyond.  I had a friend shoot it at me at 60 feet at a pretty good upward angle and I was able to catch them in my hands! (not every time but more then once).

On the negative side in summary the range is very limited, once you cross about 12 yards the drop and drift rapidly increase and become excessive by say 15 yards.  If you drop it on concrete it is likely to break or at least receive serious damage and since it uses batteries you have to buy new ones as they die or use rechargeable though you do get very good life on a set of batteries.  Lastly it does “jam” on occasion in semi auto if you don’t keep the trigger down for the full cycle to complete.  This is easily remedied if you switch to full auto and just tap the trigger once.

On the really good side it is fun and accurate.  You can shoot it inside with no real concerns because it is soft shooting compared to many spring pistols and a lot softer shooting then any CO2 gas airsoft pistol.  While I would call the rate of fire slow it is a lot faster and a lot more fun then a spring gun, if you use it at its intended ranges.  The full auto is really kind of cool to use for double or triple taps as well.  The magazine is not true to form but holds 15 rounds, is easy to load and if you call Crossman on the phone you can order more for just a few dollars each.

All in all a great little, inexpensive target pistol that won’t cause injury, damage walls or break the bank. 
Title: Re: Crossman P70 Auto Pistol Review
Post by: ModernSurvival on January 27, 2009, 01:47:16 PM
Update my cat knocked it off our window seat onto the tile, yep the slide broke just as I said it would.  Gun still functions though!